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A Perfect Romantic Getaway In West Virginia

Many couples choose to have a romantic getaway in West Virginia because of its breath-taking natural beauty. You can expect to experience quiet and lots of privacy when visiting this place so you can have quality time with your partner. Of course there are several big cities in the region, but they are not the main destinations for people who visit West Virginia. The quaint towns and national parks are the reasons why there are many visitors there.

Places of interest for romantic getaway in West Virginia

A great and peaceful place that you should visit is the Babcock State Park located near the Gorge National River. Many people come here to have picnics and enjoy the natural trails. When you around the area, you should spare some time to go to the Glade Creek Grist Mill. The place was created using pieces from three ancient mills and it serves as a memorial to numerous mills that used to be in the state many years ago. The area surrounding the national park is also well known for its river rafting site. National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, the largest fully steerable single aperture antenna in the world, is another place that you can visit while you are in West Virginia.

There are still many places of interest for your romantic getaway in West Virginia. The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mines, located 1500 feet underground, is a well known national historic site. You also can climb to the top of the Big Walker Mountain where you can enjoy a magnificent view of five states. Other perfect areas for camping and picnic are the Bluestone State Park and the Camp Creek State Forest that offers rugged landscape and mountainous terrain. If you and your partner are nature lovers, the area is a perfect paradise for your romantic getaway in West Virginia.

The Greenbrier Resort is a great accommodation when you are having a romantic getaway in West Virginia. The place is known for its world class recreation and dining facilities. The resort offers excellent activities including golf, tennis, and swimming. You also can go shopping in fantastic boutiques and enjoy the views while taking horse drawn carriage rides. If you visit the region in the winter, there are several ski resorts that you can visit, such as Snowshoe Ski Resort, Winter Place Ski Resort, and Silver Creek Ski Resort. These places offer great accommodation and dining services as well as amazing skiing facilities. You are making a perfect choice when you are having a romantic getaway in West Virginia because you will enjoy a great memorable experience.

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